3 Months in Korea with no English

Enjoy this video about Scott Young spending 3 months in Korea with no English.

The KPop song was awesome, using many of the Korean idioms I have learned from “How Koreans Speak”.  However, the best part was them trying to speak at the end.  I was snorting in laughter.  Ha!  They sound like me!  I’m merely happy to share with other English learners struggling with a completely foreign language.  It felt like vindication.

I like Scott’s conclusion after discovering that Chinese immersion is tough.  “Unlike European languages which often link to similar religions, cultures, values and ways of conceptualizing the world, Chinese stands alone. So each conversation, while hard-won, was also a link to a completely different history and culture.”  I feel the same about Korean.

Scott wrote, “During our travels, we met a lot of foreigners who wanted to learn the local language, but weren’t making the progress they desired. Nowhere was this more abundant than in Korea.  While in Korea, the majority of Westerners we met couldn’t speak more than a handful of Korean sentences.”

Maybe my joy at Scott’s video is just the reminder that I have made progress.  I haven’t given up just because Korean isn’t as simple for me as Spanish.  There are reasons why being thrust into an all Korean conversation is hard for me at this point.  I give myself points for even trying to learn.  I choose to follow a path of learning that makes me want to learn tomorrow.

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One Response to 3 Months in Korea with no English

  1. I loved how lit up it all was. ㅎㅎㅎ I think we have those end sentences of theirs downpat.


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