Dialogue-based education game for English conversation tutoring

Dialog-based Computer Assisted Language Learning System by Intelligent Software Lab., Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology.

POSTECH Immersive English Study (Pomy) is developing a dialog-based language learning game. It aims to provide intelligent one-to-one English conversation tutoring instead of old fashioned language education with static materials. Language learners engage in interactive conversations with in-game characters in an immersive environments, such as post office, library, shops, on the street, etc. Students talk with Non Player Characters to complete tasks in each game mission.

Pomy can understand poor English expressions of students and it enables beginners to engage in a dialogue in spite of their poor linguistic ability, which gives students interesting motivation to learn a foreign language. Plus this system also has educational functions to improve the linguistic ability.


Imagine you are a student who studies vocabulary and grammar in class. Then you get to go play a game to try out what you just learned. It will help you improve your pronunciation and prompt you towards improved ways to phrase your question, just in time to get your point across to the game character you are talking with. After you complete your task, it will review with you what you learned and ask comprehension questions.


It is pretty slick. I just wish they had a Korean version for English speakers. Check out the demo.

For more about natural language processing, check out KOREAN NLP AT THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA.

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