Focus deliberately to gain expertise

“If you’re not practicing deliberately – whether it’s a foreign language, a musical instrument or any other new skill – you might as well not practice at all” – Anders Ericsson,  psychologist and researcher on expertise

If I had to pick my biggest problem with language learning, it would be my inability to focus.  One has only to glance at the variety of posts I have made in the past year for confirmation of that fact.  I have so many things I still want to do with my target language.  There is a wealth of information waiting to be explored.  I resist admitting that too many distractions destroys my ability to give my full attention.

Do you want to gain expertise at your foreign language?  Are you willing to put in the time and effort to gain that expertise?

“I would give anything to be like you!”  There is a story of a concert pianist who told a fan exactly how much training it would take to reach his level of expertise.  When I first heard it, I knew I would never want to devote that much time to learning to play piano.  Do I want to devote the number of hours to language learning that it will take to achieve conversational Korean?

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