Grammar Games

Practicing grammar sounds like the dullest thing on earth.  I know that I have not managed to internalize all the grammar I have been taught, so I am seeking ways to get myself to put this grammar to use.  However, I feel really self-conscious about trying to work these grammar structures into conversations with my Korean friends.

This led me to discover there are books for teachers to create activities for practicing grammar.

For example, “Teaching Grammar Creatively” has lessons with lead in activities, discovery, consolidation, and use.  By personalizing the grammar, the student can make it their “own”.  Below is a sample of the “superlatives” exercise.



Another book is “Grammar Games: Cognitive, Affective and Drama Activities for EFL Students”.  Below is an example of tic-tac-toe with correct sentences formed to get your X or O.  At a mere $3.32 for a used copy, I ordered this book from Amazon.



I know it is far more reasonable to just DO the grammar practice myself.  Creating a game to play so that I can compete with my study partner is more work.  But since it feels like fun, I will do the grammar game, whereas just plain practicing writing sentences is something I avoid.


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