Internet Addiction

In a Business Insider article, it describes internet addiction in South Korea.  Competitive gaming—also known as eSports— has grown in popularity.  Online multiplayer battle games like League of Legends attract many players.  In a figure which shocked me, teens are spending up to 88 hours a week gaming.

My week-without-PC has reminded me that I focus better and get more done when I turn the PC off.  I can live without Facebook.  I can study from printed materials.  I don’t need to blog post every thought. 🙂

So to my readers, I am still studying, but will try (at least for a while) to post less.  It works for me where I am – at a crossroads of deciding the next direction for my Korean studies.  I need to think deeply and review what I have learned. I’m giving myself time to process, and time to practice writing and listening.

I discovered I wasn’t able to take a week off from studying Korean.  I am still too motivated to learn.  That was the best lesson I got from unplugging for a week.


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