Name Seal

NameSealI have always been curious about name seals.  You can see them used on official documents or as signatures on paintings. Check out the video Creating Korean Artist Name Seal in Chinese Seal Script.

You can order your own soapstone seal.  The seals are pressed into a pot of cinnebar paste, a scarlet red color, and are impressed onto the painting or document.


Visit the Blue Heron Arts website to see more about the name seals and other Chinese brush painting supplies.

Henry Li has videos about Chinese brush painting, such as How to Paint Trees in Chinese Brush Painting with Watercolor and Sumi Ink.


I continue to practice Chinese characters and watercolor painting.

chinese_brushWalter Foster’s “How to Draw and Paint Chinese Brush” arrived yesterday.

I am a complete novice, but I practice learning such things as basic strokes, color, paper, and ink.  My goal is to practice the letters, and add a watercolor as a reward to the corner of my practice sheet.  It reminds me of counted cross stitch samplers from my childhood.

One of the distinctive characteristics of Chinese painting is the use of inscriptions in poetry of calligraphy and  seals as part of the painting itself.  I approach it in the opposite direction, practicing the calligraphy and adding the painting.  The paintings are using the same smooth, calm, fluid brush strokes as the writing.  It just seems natural to me to do both, and it matches my quiet, contemplative mood.



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One Response to Name Seal

  1. Cimi says:

    I like how name seals are incorporated in Heard It Through The Grapevine (kdrama). Bom’s grandfather is a seal maker.


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