Hanok and the Sun

The Korean Traditional House is called a Hanok.  Designed to withstand the forces of Korean climate, Hanok are built with natural elements such as trees, soil, stone, and paper. Hanok employ natural science to circulate air, with gardens planted in the backyard to absorb heat, thereby cooling the air.  The length of the eaves vary, depending on the sunlight angle of the region.  The varying lengths of the eaves screen summer heat or allow in the light in the winter.  Ondol  heats the floor of a room from underneath.

Hanok is meant to harmonize with natural surroundings.  Windows in the Hanok give views of the garden from different angles thru the seasons.  Designers take into consideration not only the house, but placement of the trees, flowers, and surrounding landscape.  It is a eco-friendly design.


The Haru Hanok company has designed a modern version of the Hanok, using modular design.  Wandering thru their site gives intriguing views of the floor plans, building methods, and styles of Hanok houses.


haru10 haru11

haru3 haru4 haru7

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