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Traditional Korean Architecture

If you are interested in Korean architecture, you might like A Study on the Connecting Method of Wooden Structure Found at Korean Traditional Wooden Structure. Korean article   Geuklakjeon Hall of Bongjeongsa Temple in Korea

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Temple Stay in South Korea

Chulmoon sent me some information about temple stays in South Korea. http://www.busuksa.kr/templestay/main.asp   부석사(浮石寺) 템플스테 http://temple.cheontae.org/ http://jabisunsa.templestay.com/ http://blog.naver.com/namdokorea/220162918496  

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Hanja for Cimi: 石 stone 석

石 stone 석 Inspired by Buseoksa, the Temple of the Floating Stone, this week we will learn stone  (Hangul:석 seok  Hanja:石)

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