Temple Stay in South Korea

Chulmoon sent me some information about temple stays in South Korea.
http://www.busuksa.kr/templestay/main.asp   부석사(浮石寺) 템플스테






Buseoksa Temple was built in 676, when King Munmu (661~681) ruled the Silla Kingdom (57 B.C. ~ A.D. 935), by the founder Uisang.  Buseoksa is also known as the temple of the floating stone. (Hangul: 부석사, Hanja: 浮石寺)


buseoksa_2부석사(Side note: discovered WordSense Dictionary when searching floating 浮.   includes radical 水 for water, which Cimi and I are learning this week.  I entered  in WordSense, and it gave me the definition, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, pinyin, Japanese, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.)

Guinsa, (Temple of Salvation and Kindness) was built in 1945. It is located in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. It is the headquarters of the Cheontae school of Korean Buddhism. Temple Stay English version of the Temple Stay website


The Cheontae Order represents a new Buddhist movement that promotes patriotism, Buddhism in daily life, and Buddhist teachings for the common men.



Donghwasa’s Templestay Program

Donghwasa runs a Templestay program called: Using Meditation in the Search for My True Self. Those who can unload their mind’s heavy baggage, even for a moment, can realize their dream of a happy life. Lie down and meditate watching the stars in the nighttime sky. Completely find your True Self again, this True Self you thought you had lost.

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