Traditional Korean Architecture

If you are interested in Korean architecture, you might like A Study on the Connecting Method of Wooden Structure Found at Korean Traditional Wooden Structure. Korean article

elevation_2  Geuklakjeon Hall of Bongjeongsa Temple in Korea

In Geuklakjeon Hall, the basic frame is made up of columns and lintels. Also, column is connected with lintels. Joints used between column and lintel are tenon and mortise joint, and dovetailed joint.


Geuklakjeon Hall is made up of 4×5 columns and basic structure is composed of columns, sills, and penetrating ties. Sill and penetrating tie connect each lower columns and upper columns.

frame1 frame2

Body System of Column and Lintel

Composition method of Korean traditional body structures  is frame(column and lintel) construction which is a building technique based around vertical structural members, usually called studs, which provide a stable frame to which interior and exterior wall coverings are attached, and covered by a roof made of horizontal ceiling joists and sloping rafters. Joint of column and lintel plays a significant role as keeping whole frame. Also, method of mortise and tenon joint and dovetail joint are used for connecting of column and lintel.

frame3 frame4 frame5 frame6

Upper System of Cross Beam and Lintel

This is upper system of structure. Main purpose of upper system is for supporting roof. Basic frame of structure consists of columns and lintels. And cross beams are located on the lintels. Cross beams support the roof.

Joining method – dovetail joint


Joints used between column and sill are tenon, double tenon, and dovetailed double tenon joint. Joints used between column and penetrating tie are tenon and sagwae(cross joint). Joints used between each penetrating tie are stepped dovetailed joint and halved joint.

See Youngmodeler for photographs about Korean Traditional House construction.




See an architectural model for a Hanok here.


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