Hanja for Cimi: 金 gold 금

金 gold 금


金 Gold is an Associative Compound. The character is composed of two or more components which together convey the desired meaning.   Picture various objects (arrowheads 人, axe 王, ingots 丷) made of metal.  Gold also means metal.  Another example of an associate compound is 坐 (sit) which is composed of two people 人 sitting above the ground 土.

Wu_XingTaoists observed in nature the Five Elements (Chinese: 五行; pinyin: Wǔ Xíng).  These elements, or energies, were described as Wood (木), Fire (火), Earth (土), Metal (金) and Water (水).

In the days of the week, Friday is Gold day (Korean: 금요일 Chinese: 金曜日).

TuesdayFire WednesdayWater ThursdayWood FridayGold SaturdaySoil (Earth)
화요일 수요일 목요일 금요일 토요일

One way to remember this character is think of a person 人 sitting on top of the character for king 王 with two extra dots.  The king has all the money/gold/metal.


Character Structure

In the Yellow-Bridge Chinese Dictionary, it has “character structure”.  For example, in
春 spring, you have 日 sun on the bottom of the character () and in 时 time, you have sun on the left side of the character ().


Here are the character structures.


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  1. Cimi says:

    i like the five elements and the days of the week associations.

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