Koan 공안

Koan in Zen Buddhism is a problem or riddle that admits no logical solution.   (Korean: 공안, Chinese: 公案) The term is a compound word, consisting of the characters 公 “public; official; governmental; common; collective; ” and 案 “table; desk; (law) case; record.”

the whole world is a single flowerZen kōan collections are public records of the notable sayings and actions of Zen masters to pass on their teachings.

A kōan is a story, dialogue, question, or statement. The continuous pondering of the koan leads to an initial insight into the Buddha-nature.

See the Kwan Um School of Zen for more information about kong-an practice.  I received my first koan interview and heard a few koan readings, but koans are mysterious to me.

ckoan선문답 Zen riddle, koan

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2 Responses to Koan 공안

  1. Park Heesob says:

    Koan is 공안 in Korean. Koan(こうあん) is Japanese pronunciation of 公案.

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