Hanja for Cimi: 田 field 전

I’ve been eager to do the character for field, because of my rice farmer friend.


田 field 전,들판, 밭


전토 田土 cultivated land, fields
ricefield1In Korean, a rice paddy is 논 . In Chinese, a rice paddy is 水稻, 水田, 稻田, or 㽪. It uses water 水 and field 田 to make rice field. Other Korean words paddy field 수전 水田, and wet field 수답 水畓 not surprisingly use 수 for water 水.

In Korean, if you take the word for grapes (포도) plus dry field (밭) you get vineyard (포도밭). In Chinese, that is grapes (葡萄) plus land used for growing plants (园) for vineyard (葡萄园).

I discovered Learning Lotus Project site, which shows Chinese characters.  Person plus field equals farmer … of course!


Try testing yourself.  How many of the 32 characters in ShaoLan’s TED talk do you know?

口 人 火 木 山 日 月 門

从 众  大 囚

林 本 呆 森

炎 燚 焚

昌 晶 明 旦

閂 問 閃

奻 姦

火山  日本  日本人


“The top 200 Chinese characters will allow you to comprehend 40 percent of basic literature.  Enough to read road signs, restaurant menus, understand the basic idea of web pages and newpapers.”  – ShaoLan

8 Basic Strokes

I first introduced the basic strokes at the beginning of the lessons.  They are the dot, horizontal line, tick, turn, vertical line, hook, down-right stroke, and down-left stroke. Now that we’ve been writing these for a few months, you might want to know their Chinese names.

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2 Responses to Hanja for Cimi: 田 field 전

  1. Cimi says:

    So interesting! I haven’t tried the characters test yet, but when I get a quiet moment and can review what you’ve given me so far, I will. The strokes explanation is very easy because it makes so much sense. Same with rice farmer and lots of other compound words we’ve seen. Thank you, Julia


    • jreidy17 says:

      Just watch the video, and feel pride at how many of the characters you know. 🙂 You won’t know them all, but you may be surprised at how many you do know. A quick review of 6 months of learning.


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