Gentle corrections – language exchange

I am eternally grateful to the Koreans who help me with language exchange. Lately I just send photographs and text messages. See how gently Chulmoon corrects my errors.
indiangoddess languageexchange


I should have gotten this simple sentence correct, but I did not take the time to look up the spelling and tried to substitute words when I didn’t know “indian food”.  I often am in a quandry about attempting to write Korean.  If I wait until I am home, look up each word, consult grammar reference, rewatch Korean Digital Academy video about the sentence structure, then I end up not doing it.  If instead I try to do it on the fly, like while at lunch and nowhere near my reference books, relying on my faulty brain to make a sentence, then I end up making so many mistakes.

I think lack of confidence and fear of making mistakes are big stumbling blocks to ever communicating with Koreans.

Yes, I realize now that what I wrote was “today I ate a restaurant”.  Haha!

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