Hanja for Cimi: 酒 wine 주

주 ‘Ju’ is wine, liquor.  Grape wine is grape (포도) plus wine (포도주).  Plum wine is 자주.  Rice wine is 청주.


酒 Looks like a carafe to me.  Associative Compound. A jar 酉 of wine 氵.

In today’s post, my goal is to show you a sentence.  “I am drinking wine.”


Don’t get too overwhelmed with all the strokes for the 4 characters I present.  Just notice how the sentence is similar in order to English

我 (I) 在 (am doing) 喝 (drink) 酒 (wine)

You realize Chinese is an ancient language when the word for “I” includes the radical for halberd (a spear axe).



to drinkwine

I am drinking wine.  我在喝酒.

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3 Responses to Hanja for Cimi: 酒 wine 주

  1. Cimi says:

    Thank you for the associations, they make looking at the characters (notice I didn’t say learning the characters) so much more interesting. Korean and Chinese are pretty languages to look at.

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  2. jreidy17 says:

    I’m with you Cimi. I can handle about one simple Chinese character a week. Four complicated characters makes my head hurt. I just wanted to show you a sentence. With a few more pronouns and nouns, you could say things like “She is drinking wine. He is drinking coffee. They are drinking water.”

    Is it easier to remember “wǒ zài hē jiǔ”? English speakers learning Chinese start with pinyin.

    Next post we will learn the verb “to be” so you can say things like “I am a student”.


  3. Chul Moon says:

    Hum—. Plum is 자두. 😉

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