Shozo Sato – Calligraphy

“The way of Art is the Way of Buddha”

Zen master Shozo Sato gives a calligraphy demonstration.  Shozo Sato was awarded the Order of Sacred Treasure from the Emperor of Japan for his contributions in teaching Japanese traditions.

IShodon this book, Shozo Sato teaches the art of Japanese calligraphy (shodo) through the power and wisdom of Zen poetry.


Hanja 한자  3 Chinese calligraphic styles

  1. 서체 regular script, printed style 楷   Kaisho
  2. 글씨체 semi-cursive script 行 Gyosho
  3. 초서, 풀 초 cursive, grass style 草 Sosho


Zengo (禅語 /Zen words)

Mu (無/nothingness)

Senshin (洗心) means to “wash the dirt and dust from your heart and soul”.


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