Hanja for Cimi: 心 heart 심

Chineasy_FB_Compounds_PINYIN_Heartmind heart 마음

心 means heart; mind; intention; center; core; soul; spirit.  Typically, if you see 心 or 忄(心’s component form) in a word, you know the word has something to do with emotions or the act of thinking.  In Korean, it is 마음 ( mind, heart) or 생각 (think, idea).  

Now some Korean vocabulary words for me to learn.


충성심  a sense of loyalty

애국심  patriotism

도덕심  public morality

허영심  vanity

자부심  prideselfconfidence



Here is a poem for you:

如明鏡台 The soul is like a mirror bright;

時時勤拂拭 Take heed to keep it always clean,

莫使惹塵埃 And let no dust collect on it.    Shen-hsiu


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