Korean prayer – repetition & habits

Every night before I go to sleep, I play KUSZ’s evening bell chant. Then I repeat in English until I drift off

Hearing the sound of the bell,
all thinking is cut off,
Wisdom grows;
enlightenment appears;
[suffering] is left behind.

I combine listening, reading, speaking, memorization, intention, and focus for 3 minutes.

Now that I am back to Korean Digital Academy studying, I also have Rob’s “Korean prayer”.  Basically, you take a rule about Korean language, and repeat it each night until it is drilled into your brain.  The first rule to memorize is about verb conjugation.

KoreanPrayerI am not sure when I stopped falling asleep to repeating Korean vocabulary and grammar rules, but it is time to start that up again.  Counting sheep in Korean really does help my speed of recall. 🙂

Picking up Korean language learning again is remembering my habits.  The habit of struggling to write text messages in Korean.  The habit of flashcards every morning, and then again at night.  The habit of watching videos every week, writing sentences out by hand, thinking of what the Korean word would be for objects I see around me, and speaking out loud as I practice.  The habit of white board covered with words I am learning.  The habit of posting sentences on my bathroom mirror to be read out loud on each visit.  This feels familiar, like coming home.


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