What’s your excuse?

What’s your excuse for not studying, making progress, and speaking your target language?

Today, mine is that it is too hot.  Then I remember that my teacher Joonhee wrote “It’s toooooooo hot here in Korea. 너무 더워요.”  Summer and it’s hot and humid.  No excuse not to study.  None of the many excuses my mind is offering up are real obstacles to learning Korean, if my passion to do so is strong enough.

Today, each time my brain complains, I am just laughing at it.  HA HA!  You won’t stop me.  I am determined.

I wish my goal and motivation were clearer.  I need strength to resist my wily brain who tries to distract me.  I can’t be plowing through hundreds of vocabulary words just because I should.


My language exchange partner, who has put up with the worst of my Korean bumblings, is willing.  What excuse could I have for not giving it my best effort?

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