Bamboo Breakthrough

So much lovely information about Chinese brush painting in the blog followmybrushmarks.


After several weeks of concerted effort, my bamboo has got better.  Practice may not make ‘perfect’ but it sure can lead to ‘better’.  So, what did I do?

1.  hunt for bamboo in local gardens and study the real thing

2.  take pictures and study those

3.  practice, practice, practice

4.  search through my art instruction books and read/try all the different instructions, carefully.

5.  watch some how-to videos on Youtube. (Henry Li mostly)

6.  practice, practice, practice

7.  paint just a bit of bamboo in a composition rather than trying to use it as the main feature

8.  paint bamboo on newspaper and medical paper rolls (do more…less costly paper, less guilt, less restraint)

9. practice, practice, practice

10.  go back to basics and paint individual leaves and clusters

11.  try different brushes

12   try color instead of just black

13.  paint something else….pandas, frogs, chickens, donkeys

14.  watch…

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