Hanja for Cimi: 民 people 민

Let’s see some Korean words that use 민.

 the people
 a nation, a people
자유 a free citizen
족 a race (ethnicity)
유목 a nomadic race
poor people 貧

Cimi smartly pointed out that some of the words we have learned are Chinese surnames. Mín is one example of a Chinese surname. A Chinese kin, lineage or clan, is a patrilineal group of related Chinese people with a common surname sharing a common ancestor.

民 people, citizens 민


Notice the radical for clan 氏.  Originally, it was a picture of a clan totem on a post.   There are many totems that derived from the origin of clans. There is a Hun legend about a wolf. This led me to discover the 2015 Chinese film “Wolf Totem”.



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