Hanja for Cimi: 永 eternal 영

When I first saw this character, I thought it was water 水 until I noticed the extra dot.  It is a character used as a warm up for calligraphy because it has so many types of strokes.


4 letter proverbs

사자성어 are phrases in Korean that are four syllables long and originate in Chinese, so the meaning comes from the Chinese characters. 사 is 4 四. 자 is character 字. 어 is language. (See a list of these idioms.)

I’ll share one example that uses 心 heart we learned this week.


이심전심 – meaning your minds are connected/ telepathic.  His heart passes to your heart without words.

As a Korean drama watcher, I am sure you’ve heard many of these.  One of my favorite is 七顚八起 “fall down seven times, get up eight” 칠전팔기 .  칠 is 7 .  팔 is 8 八.  That is a never-give-up attitude every learner should have.




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