Diabetes 당뇨 as common in Korea as USA

Diabetes is 당뇨.  Also, diabetes is 당뇨병 where 병 means illness.  


Korean is a thin-country, but has approximately the same rate of diabetes as USA.  The sudden change in the typical diet from vegetarian to eating lots of junk food, meat, and dairy certainly played a role in the Korean diabetes explosion.  Stress and lack of exercise from long work weeks is another factor.  Drinking and eating out with coworkers is a part of the culture.  Short sleep and smoking are other possible risk factors.

Diabetes and its complications have become a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Korea. The prevalence of diabetes in Korea has increased six- to seven-fold from 1.5% to 9.9% in the past 40 years. [The Epidemiology of Diabetes in Korea
Dae Jung Kim author, Korean Diabetes Journal]

나는 당뇨가 있다.
I’ve got diabetes.

그 남자는 당뇨병 환자이다.
He has diabetes.

당뇨 조심하세요
Watch out for diabetes.

인슐린 insulin

인슐린 주사를 맞다

get an insulin shot

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