Korean knots – Maedeup

Watching Korean dramas makes me wonder about some of the costumes and accessories. One particularly striking accessory is the norigae (노리개).
norNorigae is both a fashion accessory, as well as a good-luck charm hoped to bring eternal youth, wealth or many sons. In Joseon Dynasty, norigae surpassed the use of earrings and necklace and became the most widely used accessory.  Norigae is traditionally hung from a woman’s jeogori goreum (coat strings) or hanbok chima (skirt).

Wanting to learn more brought me to learn about making Korean knots (매듭-maedeup).  I am dabbling now in teaching myself some of the simpler knots.  This interesting handicraft makes me appreciate the skill involved in making norigae.

My Korean pen pals did immediately recognize the knots I was making as maedeup, even though I got the information from the book Chinese Knotting: Creative Designs that are Easy and Fun! by Lydia Chen.

Here is a video that shows the Lotus Flower knots.

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