Addicted to electronics

It is coming up on about 2 years since I started learning Korean.  In that time, I have become completely addicted to using Memrise on my Samsung phone for flashcard study.

Now I am having to transition to using some other way to study my flashcards, and I find myself completely resistant.

I am too old school to enjoy reading books on an e-reader.  Two years ago I downloaded a few books with Korean vocabulary, and they remain unread.  It took me 30 minutes to figure out how to tell Amazon that I had a Kindle device and convince to lend me a book.  With no internet access at home, it means going to the library to download my e-book, at which point all those lovely paper books tempt me.

Memrise is some times surprised to learn that I live in a home without internet access. Even though I download the courses so they can be used offline, I suspect that every time Memrise updates it’s software, I need to redownload the courses … meaning yet another trip to the library.

Now having survived the struggle of the Kindle e-book library book borrowing, I am about to tackle trying to convince my Samsung Tablet 4 to download the Memrise application.  My tablet thinks today’s date is December 20, 2014 … so it is not really up with the times.  Haha.

For my trip to the library, I had to pack my laptop, e-reader Kindle, smart phone Samsung Note 3, and Samsung tablet.  I am trying to convince all of them to play nice together, and learn how to cope with using the library’s wifi.  So far, I think the electronics are winning this war.  I battle on, because I do want to be able to study with Memrise flashcards on the tablet, now that my phone is due to be retired.

Is there still studying to be had when even the internet on my phone is shut off?  We shall see.  But I probably won’t be writing about it often in my blog.

Happy studying to all!


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