Recap of how studying is going.

February, 2015.

I’m taking Level 2 of Korean Digital Academy.  Class 20 meets on Tuesday, February 20. Fellow classmate Chantelle has been doing speaking practice with me.

I am working with my italki tutor Woojae on conversation.

I am 30 days into the #ADD1Challenge.  #A1C5.  Goal: to speak for 15 minutes with a native speaker by day 90.

I’ve fallen behind in my Memrise 1000 Most Frequent Words list since #A1C5 started.

I have been doing Give It 100 ten second videos. Video I made about parts of speech in Korean.

I am learning Hanja with Cimi.



6 Responses to Progress

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  3. Give your OT a chance. Right now you’re only primarily known by folks who watch drama. Branch out and get known by folks who are trying to learn Hangul.


  4. Steph says:

    I think everyone hits a motivational slump at one time or another. It’s great that you are picking up and going again. What made you decide to learn Korean? I usually have to switch kind of between learning new vocabulary, and new grammar structures. It takes awhile. But to me–as well as for you, I’m sure–it’s been worth it, those times when you hear something in a song or drama and find you just understood it without a translation. 겨속 해 봐요! 화이팅!

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