Let’s talk

Welcome!  안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo.  Let’s be friends 친구.

Let’s talk.

오늘 날씨가 어때요? How’s the weather today?
한국말 할 수 있어요? Do you speak Korean?

18 Responses to Let’s talk

  1. Chul Moon says:

    ‘안영하세요’는 ‘안녕하세요’가 맞아요. 🙂


  2. okiejune says:

    Tae Kwon Do ninja – woo hooo!


  3. Kate says:

    Love your blog. Please keep it up. So inspiring. ^^


  4. owl says:

    Good morning! I’ve made your blog one of my daily morning k-reads. It’s fuel for my k-addiction. I’m reading your blog and drinking coffee in a two hour time zone warp west of the Continental Divide (*waving*). Although I am not terribly tech savvy, isn’t it amazing how small the world is that, through db, many of us have connected over our love of kdramas and all things related? Thanks for adding to the fun. \ /


  5. kkoz says:

    반가워요~ ^^;


  6. Prem Kumar Behera says:

    mam can help me to improve my english speaking. my skype id: prem.kumar.behera


    • jreidy17 says:

      I have received so many requests to assistance in improving people’s English. I wish I had time to help everyone. Unfortunately, I already have as many students as I can handle.

      My suggestion is you find someone with whom you can share something you know in exchange for something they know. For example, find a pen pal who is interested in your country and native speech. Or find someone that you share common interests who you can develop a friendship with and also learn language.

      Sites you might try to meet folks include
      – Interpals.com
      – LingQ.com
      – Mindpasta.com
      – iTalki.com


  7. chulmoon says:

    Thank you for your teaching. I register Mindpasta.

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    • jreidy17 says:

      I am SO happy you are going to be on Mindpasta. I will help you figure out how to use Mindpasta.

      Search on the mind “Study_Julia” and you will see notes I made about studying.


  8. Ella says:

    I want to teach you Korean and learn from you English. If you think so, please email me. Then I’ll tell you my skype id:) i found your web site at italki. your posting is very interesting especially Whitney. Thank you for good posting.

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  9. Saw your blog and I’d like to follow you. I am also interested in learning Korean.


  10. Steph says:

    I’m sure you’ve had *tons* of questions. So, forgive me as I probably repeat one more. I noticed on lingq that you mention having language exchange partners to practice your Korean. Were these all paid tutors or were there other ways? While I’ve been studying Korean at home for 3 years, there is no one to physically practice with and I know that stunts growth so to speak. Anyway, just curious and not sure who to ask about how they went about it. 감사합니다!

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    • jreidy17 says:

      There are many places to meet folks for language exchange.

      I started at Interpals.com. I met some nice people, but there were also men who were interested in dating, which I wasn’t. I would use some caution on Interpals, as you would with any site where you meet strangers. I blocked all of Africa, since I was seeking Korean speakers, and that helped limit unwanted attention. Don’t forget Korean speakers may be in other countries such as Canada and USA.

      I had better luck with italki when seeking language exchange partners. Everyone seemed serious about language exchange.

      Another place to consider is the app HelloTalk.

      On the subject of paid tutors, I held off on that because of the expense, but now have an italki tutor that I simply think is WONDERFUL. An experienced tutor for an inexperienced language learner can yield efficient and rapid results.

      For me, both language exchange and tutoring help me. The language exchange Koreans are long term friendships. They encourage, motivate, and educate me on culture. They can take pride in seeing my progress over time.

      The tutor is focused specifically on me and willing to do the boring stuff like work on pronunciation. The tutor can be a stickler, and I need that. Being able to ask questions helps clarify my language learning.

      Hope that helps. Yes, get some folks to talk to!


    • jreidy17 says:

      This might be obvious, if you’ve read my blog. If having a place to speak is a goal, do consider Korean Digital Academy, which includes 1 hour of speaking practice each week as part of the course. It works out to about the same as what a tutor would cost, and you get not only the 1 hour speaking but also videos, reading materials, audio, and workbooks to practice what you learn plus the ROKStars facebook group.

      I tentatively got the free videos at first. Then shyly signed up for one month. Best decision I made. Love the course.



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