Not Learning

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Random for storing things I want to play with but am too busy to look at right now
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Not Learning.  It’s my little joke.  I have come reluctantly to the idea of studying the Korean language.  Far as I knew, learning a language was hard, involved endless drills in a language lab and class lectures that put you to sleep, pop quizzes and vocabulary lists you cram just before going to class.

So I started learning just a little bit about the Korean language out of curiosity, but promised myself I was only going to do fun things, that I would ignore anything that smacked of being hard or time consuming or too much of a commitment.  I basically tricked myself into learning by pretending I was not learning, just having fun.

If you click on the category “Not Learning”, you can see just those posts about my crazy mish mash of activities I’ve tried since I became curious about Korean culture and language.

Not learning includes Twitter, drama watching, fridge magnets, children’s shows, International pen pals, games, books, cooking, webtoons, manhwa, Youtube, Facebook, taekwondo, Go-Stop, restaurant dining, trips to visit Kfans, music, museums, and more.

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