My “Not Learning, just having fun” approach has many games and fun activities.

A few crude games I’ve made myself. They aren’t pretty. The goal was simply to have fun while getting myself to focus on the Korean language.  This page isn’t complete, but it will give you a start.

Julia’s game creations

Color Connect the dots Rubix cube

Playing online Games

DD Korean Game

Making Games

Bingo Cards
Jigsaw Puzzle

Ideas for games

I Spy
Pretend you are a movie star
Write a character sketch
Cookie Monster
Make your own game of Hangman, Word search, crossword, or cipher.


Not Learning, Just Having Fun Category of blog posts

Here are just a few of the “not learning” posts.

Drawtreasure map

Translate what you will order off a menu and of course go eat out!  Imagine on you trip you have to do everything in Korean.  Or make your own menu.  Pretend you are a cafe owner.

Laugh at Korean hamsters or any comic that amuses you.  Try Gag concert or the many Korean variety shows like “We Got Married” and “One Night and Two Days”.

Make your own Korean adventure by traveling some place where you can interact with Koreans, such as a trip to Koreatown in NYC, LA, Toronto, or Vancouver.

Organize a get together to watch Korean dramas.  Watch your dramas without subtitles, volunteer to do subtitling, make flashcards from your favorite drama, use the script from your drama for reading practice.

Go out with friends to a Korean restaurant, and learn the names for all the dishes.

Sing at a Norebang or Karaoke bar.  Make a cover to the song of a favorite KPop group.

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