My “Not Learning, just having fun” approach has many games and fun activities.

This is a list of random things I come across on the web and am tempted to play with, but should set aside for some time when I am not studying and have time to goof off.

Jazz Chants – create a list of chants for learning Korean vocabulary and question answer. Similar to FT Island’s review. only with a sense of rhythm. English Grammar chants.

How to Integrate Korean Culture into Language Instruction. “Without cultural competence, true linguistic competence cannot be expected or acquired.”

Explanation of Individual level property vs. stage level property to understand when to use which grammar. (Her eyes are blue. Her eyes are red.)

A list of books I should check out on topics of mentoring, grammar, writing and talking skills for students.


3 Responses to Random

  1. adrian says:

    Hello ! Your posts are very inspiring! Thank you ! Can I ask you a question? Would you or anyone be so kind to share with me that mass sentence method please? Actually, I cant afford it for the time being. I have a korean background but don’t speak it and it feels bad. I apologize if it bothers you. Thank you.

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    • jreidy17 says:

      Check out my blog post https://jreidy17.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/glossika-korean-basic/
      I like the Glossika sentences because they expose me to a lot of different sentence structures and vocabulary. I found it more useful once I understood enough Korean to be able to conjugate verbs. Glossika isn’t the only tool to use. You still have to pick up grammar and the basics of Korean, but it can expand your comfort and quick recall if you do the whole process of reading, writing, listening, and transformation/ substitution.


      • adrian says:

        Please if it doesn’t take too much trouble would it be possible for you to write me to adrian_spko a hotmail com ? Please… thank you!


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