Plan 2014/12/29


flightplanpencil1Today is Monday:  월요일이에요.  오늘은 이천십사 년, 십이 월, 이십구일 일이에요.

This week we are : studying class 15 – “ah” verbs

Today’s focus:  Grammar structures

This month’s habit is: establish a routine

Morning routine:  review Memrise flashcards, conjugate “ah” verbs

Afternoon routine: read out loud for pronunciation practice, watch 1 hour of Korean drama for listening, write sentences in lesson, document grammar in blog

Bedtime routine: review flashcards, review KDA vocabulary, check calendar, set alarm, review what I accomplished today, determine next days mission, go to sleep at a reasonable time


– memorize the target structures from the lesson (meaning, memorize HOW and WHEN to use them)

– re-write the lesson by hand (from understanding and memory)


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