Plan 2015/01/03


flightplanpencil1Today is Sunday:  일요일이에요.  오늘은 이천십오 년, 일 월, 삼 일이에요.

This week we are : studying class 15 – “ah” verbs

This month’s habit is: establish a routine

Morning routine:  review Memrise flashcards, clean desk, check calendar & email

Afternoon routine: read out loud for pronunciation practice, watch 1 hour of Korean drama for listening, write blog post (grammar structures, pronunciation class 15)

Bedtime routine: review Memrise flashcards, review KDA vocabulary, check calendar, set alarm, review what I accomplished today, determine next days mission, go to sleep at a reasonable time

Mission:  Sentences class 15.  ADD1Challenge video.  Tutor reading.

Calendar:  Many appointments coming up, real life “to do” items with time constraint

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