I’m still working out how to capture information about grammar that I am taught.

As a first stab, I thought I might use the organizational structure of Yeon’s “Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar”.



I didn’t start off with a desire to learn grammar.  I simply want to be able to have a mental framework in which to store the bits of flotsam and jetsam that KDA is tossing my way. Delving a bit to see what kind of structure I should use to contain my bits of grammar, it seems like quicksand.  There are more than 10 types of grammar?  Heavens!  I can’t even wrap my brain around one.

I skim through pages on linguistics, lexicons, lemma, and grammar.  I am not educated in the field of linguistics.  I don’t know how to create a dictionary.  Yet, I can’t keep track of the gazillion scribbled notes.  I need a way to process and store this *stuff*.


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