KNote 19

Class 19

Topics covered in Korean Digital Academy Class 19.

  • verb ‘to give’
  • can/shall


  • practice verb conjugation including past, future tense
  • review grammar structures when, have to, want to, gerund, become, to have done, try to, for the purpose of

These are notes I’ve taken on class 19 .

Korean English Part of Speech
 깎다 to cut (discount)  verb  동사
 만들다 to make  verb  동사
전화 하다 to call  verb  동사
 돕다 to help verb  동사
얘기 하다 to tell a story/talk  verb  동사
 선명하다 to explain  verb  동사
 보내다 to send  verb  동사
 좀 a little  adverb 부사
 좀 있다가 in a bit
드리다 to give (higher form)  verb  동사
주다 to give  verb  동사
뭘 드릴까요? what can I get you?  question 질문






Korean English Example
 -(으)ㄹ까요? shall ?  문을 열까요?  Shall I open the door?  asking permission
 ~하는 게 어떨까 how about 지금 가는 것이 어떨까요? = How about going now?
지금 가는 게 어떨까요? = How about going now?“것이” to “게” in speech
 ~ㄹ/을게  will/shall  저는 지금 밥을 먹을 게요 = I will eat now, if that is okay…
~ 는 것이  맛있는 거 delicious thing

V = active verb stem  A = descriptive verb stem  S = active or descriptive verb stem

~하야 돼요  to have to  하야 돼요 / ~하야 하다
 ~ㄹ때  when  할때
 ~하지다  to become


KDA Class 19 – to give please

Verb English Present Past Future
깎다 to cut 깎아요 깎았어요 깎을 거예요
만들다 to make 만들어요 만들었어요 만들 거예요
전화하다 to call 전화해요 전화했어요 전화할 거예요
돕다 to help 도와요 도왔어요 도울 거예요
얘기하다 to talk 얘기해요 얘기했어요 얘기할 거예요
보내다 to send 보내요 보냈어요 보낼 거예요
설명하다 to explain 설명해요 설명했어요 설명할 거예요
주다 to give 줘요 줬어요 줄 거예요


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