Day 1

These are the plans developed by Rob Julien of Korean Digital Academy for developing good study habits.

DAY #1 (approximately one hour):
  • STEP #1: (10-15 minutes)
      • Watch the video on vocabulary.For each word:
          • Repeat the word after I say it.
          • Before moving on to next word, write the word on your list.  (NOTE: write slowly and neatly, saying them as you write them)
  • STEP #2: (as long as it takes; ideally 5-10 mins)
      • Memorize FOUR words from this list that you do NOT already know.**Note: DO NOT move on until you can say the four words from memory (meaning you look at the English word, and then SAY the Korean word).  Do not worry too much about pronunciation for now; just do your best.
  • STEP #3: (30-45 minutes)
      • Write out the entire lesson by hand:
          • Write the English on one side and the Korean on the line next to it (just as it is done on the handout)
          • Write VERY neatly.  The goal here is not speed; it is not to get through this part as quickly as possible.
      • As you write:
          • Put a rectangular block around vocabulary words as you notice them.
          • If you come across part of the sentence you don’t know:
              1. put a rectangular box around it in another colour.
              2. Make a note of it under your “questions” heading (you should have on a separate piece of paper).NOTE: DO NOT attempt to find the answers yet.  That will come.
              3. As your write them under your “questions” tab, feel free to write any guesses you might have about what they mean.
          • As you go, certain things repeat and patterns will emerge and so will guesses about what things mean.  Feel free to try and further deduce meanings, and write down your guesses next to wherever it is you listed that under QUESTIONS.
        • PLEASE NOTE: the reason for this step is that, by writing down everything and taking note, it will not only allow to become MUCH more familiar with the structures, but making your own guesses and figuring things out for yourself, while *seemingly* much slower, will actually help with retention in the long run and therefor CUT DOWN overall learning time in the future.  A very important step.  Do not skip it.
  • STEP #4: (1-5 minutes)
      • Review / Refresh the three vocabulary words you learned in the beginning.  Do not move on until you can say all three of them again from memory.NOTE: depending on the time of day you do this, reviewing and refreshing these words one more time before going to sleep is also a great idea.

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