Day 2

These are the plans developed by Rob Julien of Korean Digital Academy for developing good study habits.

 DAY #2: (approximately one hour)

  • STEP #1a: (1-3 minutes)
      • Review the words you memorized yesterday to make sure you can still say them from memory
  • STEP #1b: (5-10 minutes)
      • Memorize FOUR MORE words from that list ( that you don’t already know)
  • STEP #2: (10-20 minutes)
      • Watch the ‘Reading’ video
          • Keep general notes on things mentioned
  • STEP #3: (20-30 minutes)
      • Watch the remaining videos, and as you do:
          1. Under “STRUCTURE” heading, start a master list of anything I explain
          2. Check to confirm or change the guesses you made for each thing you listed under questions.
  • STEP #4: (1-3 minutes):
      • Review / refresh all EIGHT words you have memorized up to now.  Do not finish until you can say all six from memory.

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