Day 3

These are the plans developed by Rob Julien of Korean Digital Academy for developing good study habits.

 DAY #3: 
  • Step #1: (3-5 minutes)

– review/refresh words memorized up until now

  • Step #2: (as long as it takes)
    • memorize remaining vocabulary

NOTE: if this takes a while, feel free to make this the only step you do for now (take a break and come back to step #3 later)

  • Step #3:

– memorize the target structures from the lesson (meaning, memorize HOW and WHEN to use them)

  • Step #4: (as long as it takes)

– re-write the lesson by hand (from understanding and memory)

*now that you have the vocab memorized AND you understand the structures and have put that to memory, now you want to write out the lesson by hand one more time.  You are attempting to do this from memory and understanding, so please do not confuse “activity” with “progress” here; please DO NOT just look and copy it down.  Do it slowly (literally as slow as you have to) and neatly.

The goal of this is to actually force your brain to put sentences together.  It may seem tough at first, but essentially THIS is the work your brain is going to have to do to put sentences together verbally as well, so consider it the very first step to being able to put all these sentences together perfectly and with fluency.

You will also find that this is like a true self-evaluation of where you’re at and how well you know the material.  That being said, if you can’t do every single sentence from memory, don’t worry.  Just do what you can and take note of what you can’t do or still need to work on.  Literally make a list of it.

PLEASE NOTE: days #4-6 will just be reviewing and refreshing this but by SPEAKING it out loud instead, meaning, you will look at the English sentence and say the Korean sentence, a minimum of twice a day (upon waking and before going to sleep).  Ideal if you can fit another time in the day to just pull it out and go over it as well, ’cause literally the more you do this, the better your fluency will become.

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