January 7, 2015- First conversation with Woojae in Korean

Today we made a recording of our first conversation. I embraced that this was just a benchmark of where I am today, and did no preparation to study for it.

First Conversation – audio


I also made videos of me speaking Glossika and KDA readings.

Here are notes Woojae made for me after the conversation.

어제 뭐했어요? : Yesterday, What did you do?

해요->to do something
했어요? did something

거긴 날씨가 어때요?

거기: there
여기: here

여긴 좀 추워요.

좀 + Adj: it’s little bit cold.
좀 추워요: it’s a little cold.

아침을 먹으려고요: I’m going to eat breakfast

V(stem)+ (으)려고요: when you’re about to do sth. when you were planning to do sth.

지금 뭐해요? (what are you doing now?)
배가 고파서 아침을 먹으려고요. (I’m hungry, so I’m gonna eat breakfast)

i’m hungry: 배가 고파요(=배고파요)

몇 시에 일어났어요? (what time did you get up?)
저는 아침 다섯 시에 일어났어요. (I got up at 5am in the morning)
저는 아침 일곱 시에 일어났어요
저는 아침에 일곱 시에 일어났어요.

오전, 오후 (am, pm)
아침, 저녁, 밤 (morning, evening, night)
점심: lunch time

저는 오전 일곱 시에 일어났어요.

I swear, I need to figure out the difference between ‘when’ and ‘yesterday’.  It is a mistake I make all the time!!!

Has it really been 3 months since I met Woojae?  This is what I wrote when I joined italki.


I ended up meeting 1 hour weekly, and I didn’t have regular practice sessions, although I have a group of Koreans who text me pretty regularly.  Devoting focus to KDA and my motivation slump after the last week of September with Chulmoon were factors,  as was simply taking on too much at once.

One thing I have to change is using 저는 instead of 나는.  Not the first time that I have been corrected by my tutor on this point.  However, KDA and other materials I have studied from have used  나는 and it is pretty deeply ingrained.

The conversation brought home the fact that I am not able to process hearing Korean spoken.  I still such a vast difference in my voice versus Woojae.  Mine is so loud.  It sounds like I am speaking an entirely different language.  Plus Woojae had trouble understanding what I was asking, when it was a simple question about the weather.

Room for improvement, of course.  However, I feel pretty good about how it went.  Woojae is so good at encouraging me (even though I am short changing him because KDA is my top priority).


Woojae mentioned that I won’t be able to have real conversation until I can improve my vocabulary, which is really limited right now.  How will I fit in Woojae’s vocabulary list with my other studies?

I am watching Korean dramas.  This week it is Mr. Baek.  I enjoy making a few flashcards with Korean words to share with my Dramabeans friends.  Episode 2 has the different politeness levels.  I wonder if I could ask my tutor to go over a few scenes with me to explain about politeness?


I need to work on my introduction.



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