January 8, 2015- Tutoring with Woojae

Today we read 개와 돼지.


These are the sounds I want to work on.

  1. ㅕ sound
  2. 나라, 파라, ㄹ sound
  3. 까, 꾸, double consonant (ㄲ), 꿀꿀
  4. 일러-> l sound
  5. 께서, ㅔ sound

Dog and Pig audio I made on January 8, 2015. Make your ears bleed.

ㄹ remains elusive sound for me, causing frustration. I sort of wish we could just ignore that sound for now, let me work on other things and have my subconscious work out what I am doing wrong by lots of listening work.

This week, I have been focused on making the clear vowel sounds.  Remembering the frog/surgeon image helped to center me when I was unsure of the ㅓ sound while reading. Clear vowel sounds it a work in progress for me.

vowels sounds


I haven’t given much attention to the “y” sounding vowels.  It came up in this story. I want to give that some attention.

I can recognize some things, but haven’t found a way to resolve them.

  1. My pronunciation is too strong (loud/harsh).  Korean is so much softer, and I am stuck with that hard American sound.
  2. Even in Korean, I have that problem of adding extra sounds to the end, like I do with “idea” said “idear” in English.
  3. I have improved in recognizing pronunciation rules, but the ㄴ slide I consistently forget.  옛날[옌날].  Other pronunciation corrections.
    I said 기을 when it was 기르.착하구나 [차카구나]
  4. I am speaking with the back of my throat things which should be pronounced in the front of the mouth.  For example, ㄹ sound.
  5. I need to use care with 의 .  I do not have it smooth, and I sometimes forget “ui” and revert to my former mispronunciation.

I made the connection today of the sound that is written 께서 as in 할머니께서.

Today’s session really got off to a rough start.  I hadn’t gotten enough sleep, I didn’t get up in time to eat first, and a sudden cold snap (wind chills to -40 degrees C/F) that had me waking to discover the heat was set at 62 but the house temperature was 50!  I turned on the wood pellet stove and buried myself under a blanket and two coats, but my mental focus for class was compromised (not to mention the teeth chattering!)

Nothing is a substitute for daily reading of the stories.  It is not something you can cram at the last minute.

[I should remember to turn off the phone before a session.  I got a phone call from some random stranger on HelloTalk.  I had not given him my phone number, nor permission to call me.  Guess he figured since I said hello, it was ok for him to call.  Have to figure out how to keep that in check.  I know I want to work on small talk, but I want to do it when it is convenient for me. Certainly not in the middle of a tutor session! Disturbingly, I told this person I was busy today, but he contacted me any way.  Don’t know if it was a language miscommunication, or he is just rude. I need to have the same level of boundries with strangers who speak Korean as I would with strangers who speak English.  Some Korean men who want language exchange in English can be very pushy.  It conflicts with my upbringing to always be polite and accommodating.  Some times I have to say, “No, now is not a convenient time” and stick to it.  Otherwise, I am being rude to Woojae, and short changing myself.]

The next story we will be reading is the one about the gold axe.




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