February 5, 2015- Tutoring with Woojae

I have been overwhelmed with #ADD1Challenge. Hence, I have not been documenting the conversations I have had with my tutor Woojae.

ㄹ the elusive sound.  I am making the ㄹ a back burner item.  It simply takes too long to try to work on this sound.  My hope is that listening will eventually help me to make this sound.

We did 3 things this class

  1. Korean Digital Academy reading for class 20
  2. Review of grammar ㄹ/을게, 는데
  3. Unscripted conversation  (sentence building)

I need to study the notes on our conversation, so I can understand what questions I had trouble forming, and can hopefully use the grammar better next time.  It still feels like a miracle when I form a sentence, and takes a long time for my brain to piece things together.  I seem to consistently completely forget to mark the subject/topic.

I had a moment of “ah” when we contrasted two things in subsequent sentences, and the second sentence got the contrast marker.

The pronunciation of 몇 명 with ㅊ taking on an ㄴ sound was a complete surprise.  I don’t think I understand why that happens.

At times I slowed down my pronunciation to one syllable at a time to carefully say the vowel sounds.  My speech lacked flow.  It certainly lacked any kind of correct intonation of the sentence as a whole.

I am always surprised when I can easily flow my eyes over words and understand but when I go to say those same words, I stumble.  Get it into my thick skull.  Looking at words and speaking words are two different skills.  Both need to be practiced.

I have been puzzling over why my pronunciation of 우리 is so wrong.  Seems I am saying it as one syllable when it is actually two.  (Ah, will learning words first from romanization ever fully leave me?  Curses for ever reading romanized words.)  This is such a common word, it really bugs me I can’t say it right.

Several of the pronunciation corrections Woojae made for me sounded nearly identical to me.  It is like when it was just sound, my ears could hear a bit of difference, but as soon as I tried to think of the Hangul letters that make that sound, it smeared together in my brain, and I was unable to make the sound correction Woojae was seeking.  I can’t even remember what the corrections were.  My brain just classified them as the same.  It is a problem.  Maybe can be resolved with more careful listening in KDramas.

I continue to have two modes:  mimic-ing sound and Hangul letters to sound.  The first is better at making the sound, but I have no clue how it would be spelled.  The second allows me to spell things I have learned, but is poor at guessing what sound those letters make.  I need to keep working to make connections between sound hearing/spelling/sound making.

가는데 is a puzzling connector.  Lacks one single word in English.  Interpret based on the meaning, Woojae advised.  Hmm.

Another pronunciation surprise was “Then I’ll book the flight”  그러면 내가 항공권 예약 할게[칼게]  ㅎ turning to ㅋ?  That weak little ㅎ that I want to say as ‘h’ but which has these weird influences on other characters.  All my pronunciation rules need more practice.  They should be second nature by now, but still slow to process.


V(stem)+ㄹ/을게 (요): will V (more certain)


삼십 분 후에 갈게 -> 삼십 분 후에 갈 거예요

공부안하니? /지금 공부할게요

밥 먹어라 / 지금 갈게요




하다 + 는 거

밥 먹는 거 : eating (noun)



집에 가는데 비가 와요(raining).

밥을 먹는데 배가 아파요

선생님 밥 먹어야 돼요


지금 몇 시에요?

한국은 몇 시에요?

한국은 지금 아침 아홉 시 이십 분이에요.

오늘 뭐 해요?

오늘은 아무것도 안 해요.


아무거나: anything

아무것도: nothing   [My brain misremembered what this word means.]


쥴리아 씨는 오늘 뭐 했어요?

[Note that I realized I was not pronouncing 뭐 correctly.  The ㅓ in ㅝ gives the pronunciation a sort of ‘a-ish’ sound like ㅓsounds sort of ‘a-flavored’ to me.  I don’t think of ㅝ as two vowels, but it is. ]

눈이 많이 왔어요.

눈이 0.5미터 왔어요

집에 있었어요.

[Trying to express, with all the snow, I just stayed home.]

인터넷 기사가 왔어요.

이제 인터넷을 쓸 수 있어요.

[Note: I was surprised to be trying to describe how the internet repairman came to my house that day to fix the corroded cable connector that has been giving me outages the past few weeks.  I just said  인터넷 repairman.  Tutor taught me “인터넷 기사가”]

[pronunciation of 인터넷을 as 인터네슬 in-ter-ne-suel came as a surprise, although once I looked at it, I could understand the pronunciation rule that made it that way.]

이제 괜찮아요.

선생님 학생 몇 명이나 있어요?

열 명 있어요.

[Trying to ask how many of your students meet with you more than once a week.]

매 주 한 번 이상 만나는 학생 있어요?

~이상 : more than

한 번: one time (once)

네. 수업 두 번 하는 학생이 몇 명 있어요.

예전에(in the past) 학생이 더 있었어요?

[I made some kind of mistake trying to use 얼마나 when it should be 몇 명 when asking how many students he has.  Don’t really understand, except he said people would be 몇]

일본에 얼마나 오래 살았어요?

일 년 살았어요.

일본에 얼마나 더 살거예요?

지금 다시 한국에 왔어요.

선생님 집에 있어요?

네. 지금 다시 한국의 집에 있어요.

선생님 가족도 집에 있어요?

[I was trying to ask if he was living in his family’s house now that he has returned to Korea from Japan.  He rephrased it as do family live in the house, which gets to the same idea.]

아니요. 태국에 있어요.


[Somehow, my brain rejects learning the words for single, alone.  I don’t want to know.  Yet Woojae and I both have the problem of living alone, so I need these words for conversation.  I still want to keep Korean pure. ]

아니요.  [These random yo’s stuck on the end, I never remember]

친구랑 같이 살아요?  [I think I misused 남자친고 when I was trying to ask ‘guy friends’ not boyfriend.  Woojae gasped in shock and told me to use 친고.  I think he suspected I was asking if he was gay, which would be shocking.  Heavens, I would never ask that!]

아니요. 혼자 살아요.

다른 나라에 가본 적 있어요?

네 있어요.

미국, 캐나다 가봤어요.

[I wanted to say that Woojae is a world traveller for someone so young, but of course did not have the words.  Most of my attempts to make conversation end up with me stuck in a place where my thought is more complicated than my vocabulary.]


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