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  I have noticed that during the language learning process, I have times where things get very hectic.  I am meeting lots of new people or learning new software or writing blog posts and making video or recordings or creating … Continue reading

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So you’ve made a resolution.  Is it non-negotiable?  Is it your #1 priority to establish a routine that will get you what you desire? Trust the process.  Commit for 30 days to do EXACTLY what you promised. “Let’s practice doing … Continue reading

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Music to put me in the mood

Can music settle my mind and make me ready to focus on studying? The “Brain Food” music is a short loop that can be played continuously.  I’m starting study sessions with this song, to see if repeated use gets in … Continue reading

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10 Reasons You Fail Language

Thanks Benny Lewis for recommending 10 reasons your language project is failing and things you can do about it.   I’m trying out Stayfocusd.  I am also thinking hard about the question “Why are you learning Korean?”

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Begin Again

When you notice your focus in studying has wandered, forgive yourself, and begin again. I learned this lesson in meditation practice. Sitting in silence paying attention to your breath sounds simple but my mind wanders off. I lose the focus on … Continue reading

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