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#HappySeoul I’m still happy, clapping, dancing, and feeling great every time I see another Happy video. This one is really well made. Great sights in Korea.  #100HappyDays

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Keeping up with others

I don’t measure myself against others.  I sincerely rejoice in the good fortune of others. If I were to credit one person with my attitude, it would be Sharon Salzberg, whom I met many years ago at an Insight Meditation … Continue reading

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Happy in the Berkshires

To all my friends around the world, here is a bit of the Berkshires, my home I love so well.  Many of the sights will be familiar to you from postcards, photographs, and stories I’ve told my Korean friends.  Come … Continue reading

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Wake Up Song

둥근 해가 떴습니다 The Round Sun Has Risen 둥근해가 떳습니다 자리에서 일어나서 제일먼저 이를 닦자 윗니아래 이닦자 세수할때는 깨끗이 이쪽 저쪽 목닦고 머리빗고 옷을 입고 거울을 봅니다 꼭꼭씹어 밥을 먹고 가방메고 인사하고 씩씩하게 갑니다 유치원에 갑니다 Not learning, just having … Continue reading

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Laugh Lines

그녀가 얼굴에 잔뜩 주름을 지으며 웃었다. Her face crinkled up in a smile. 그가 눈가에 잔주름을 지으며 미소를 지었다. He smiled, his eye crinkling. Laugh Lines 눈가의 주름 face 얼굴 to smile 미소 짓다 to laugh 웃다 귀엽게미소짓다 smile sweetly 기쁘게미소짓다 smile happily … Continue reading

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Happy in Seoul #HAPPYDAY

I’m dancing and singing with the rest of the world to Pharrell Williams’ Happy song.  #HAPPYDAY.  Love this Seoul version of the video.  If you haven’t visited the We Are Happy site yet, do it today!

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