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Clear vowel sounds

I’ve been thinking a lot about vowel sounds.  When Idahosa Ness’ free course on How to tune your vowels popped into my inbox, it seemed perfectly timed. I do not have vowels figured out.  You would think I would by … Continue reading

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IPA Keyboard

Instructions on how to install the IPA keyboard and fonts can be found here.  It is similar to how you add a Korean keyboard.

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Regional dialects in New England and the Boston accent

With each new Korean I meet, I have the same discussion about my accent.  So this post will put some thoughts about that in one place.

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How do you say R?

Tom Scott explains how people make R sounds.  It has given me some insight into why I can’t roll my r’s.   It also made me understand how R and L sounds are similar to Koreans.  The way I say … Continue reading

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Oxford Picture Dictionary

  The Oxford Picture Dictionary Bilingual edition has 4000 words on 240 pages of full color pictures or illustrations grouped by topic.  For example, in the picture above you can see colors on one page and prepositions on the next, … Continue reading

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Korean and other foreign scripts

Everything you ever wanted to know about working with accents and foreign scripts is probably at this Penn State website. Getting Started with Unicode Virtual keyboard for typing IPA (INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ALPHABET) Developing non-English websites Korean Encoding and Language Tags … Continue reading

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‘ㄹ’ is a flick of the tongue

I want to learn how to pronounce ‘ㄹ’.   ‘ㄹ’ is romanized as (r/l) and named 리을 (rieul). LearnKoreanOnline might have given me a moment of insight.  The instructor Rob Julien said not to think about ‘ㄹ’ as the English letter ‘R’ but to think … Continue reading

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