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Snow words and ideas

“words don’t merely match pre-existing things in the world. Rather, they shape and encapsulate ideas about things– how they are categorized (compare dog vs. canine), how we are interacting with them (compare sheep vs. mutton), how the word functions grammatically (compare the … Continue reading

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snow flake 눈송이, 설편 (雪片) icicle 고드름, 빙주 (氷柱) light snow fall 강설량 (降雪量) snow storm 눈보라, 폭풍설(暴風雪) heavy snow storm 폭설 frost 서리 to freeze 얼다; 얼리다 to melt 녹다 snow ball 눈 뭉치 snow man 눈사람 snow plow 제설차, … Continue reading

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First snow 첫눈

Awoke to the first snow fall in the Berkshires.  Woojae heard it also snowed yesterday in Seoul.  Romantics believe if lovers watch the first snowfall together, they will always remain together.

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Poem: A pleasant letter by hwangdonggyu

One of my Korean drama loving ajumma 아줌마  pen pals sent me a translation of her favorite poem “A Pleasant Letter” (즐거운 편지)   by Hwangdonggyu -황동규 It may be a trivial thing as  the sun sets and the wind rises you … Continue reading

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First day of Spring

Happy first day of spring. 행복한 첫 봄날 – Happy face 행복한 얼굴 🙂 As Robert Browning would say, “The year’s at the spring … All’s right with the world!”   행복한 = Happy  첫 = First  봄 = Spring … Continue reading

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Talk about the weather

Chatting with Interpals inevitably starts off with talk about the weather. I learned that brrr means 덜덜덜 in Korean.^^ 날씨 어때요?  What’s the weather where you are? 날씨 좋아요?  Is the weather good?  

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Winter night snow

A beautiful bit of Korean poetry, sent to me by one of my Interpals. 겨울 밤눈은 가로등이 뿌린다 포도 곳곳에. winter night snow sprayed by the streetlight hither thither on the boulevard. 겨울= winter  밤 = night 눈 = snow I … Continue reading

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