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Lists of Korean vocabulary.


Everyday Language 섕할 언어People 사람Housing 주택Food 음식Clothing 의복Health 건감Community 지역시희Transportation 교통Work 일Areas of Study 학과Plants and Animals 식물과 동물Recreation 레크리에이션Grammar 문법


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Part of Speech

noun 명사, pronoun 대명사, number 수사, action verb 동사, descriptive verb 형용사, adverb 부사, determiner 관형사, interjection 감탄사, particle 주사



Topik Vocabulary:  6000 Most Frequent Korean Words
The Frequency list of 6000 most common Korean words (FL) is compiled by National Institute of Korean language.  6 parts: FL 1,  FL 2FL 3FL 4FL 5 and FL 6.

(See similar list:   6000 Korean Words plain text, alphabetic ordering by Hangul)

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