KNote 18

Class 18

Topics covered in Korean Digital Academy Class 18.

  • Conjugate ㅣ verbs
  • to want to do something
  • ~ㅁ to make a noun
  • like this, like that
  • all of a sudden
  • to be able to see, hear
  • to become


  • conjugation of ㅣ verbs
  • ~고 싶다 want to
  •  ~하지다 to become
  • 쳐봐요(try to~) / 쳐봤어요 (have done~)

These are notes I’ve taken on class 18.  It covers conjugation of   ㅣverbs

Korean English Part of Speech
치다 to play (hands)  verb  동사
 마리다  to drink  verb  동사
그리다  to draw  verb  동사
보다  to see  verb  동사
 가르치다 to teach  verb  동사
읽다  to read  verb  동사
 기다리다  to wait  verb  동사
하고 싶다  to want to do  verb  동사
 보이다  to be able to see  verb  동사
 들리다  to be able to hear  verb  동사
 줄리다  to be sleepy  adjective 형용사
 시원하다  to be cool (temp)  adjective 형용사
 더럽다  to be dirty  adjective 형용사
 싫다  to not be liked  verb  동사
 보여주세요  show me
 시끄럽다  to be noisy  adjective 형용사
 시끄러워  noisy
이러게  like this
 그러게  like that
 초등 학교  elementary school noun  명사 
 중 학교  middle school noun  명사 
 고등 학교  high school noun  명사 
오늘 밤  tonight
 갑자기  all of a sudden
 그림  picture noun  명사 
 술  alcohol noun  명사 



Korean English
~고 싶다 to want to do 하고 싶다
 ~ㅁ  change to noun
 ~하지다  to become to be happy행복해지다.
치다칠거예요 (future)

쳐봐요(try to~) / 쳐봤어요 (have done~)

V = active verb stem
A = descriptive verb stem
S = active or descriptive verb stem



I am really struggling with combinations of grammar structures.  We smushed two grammar structures together in a sentence, requiring that two different verb conjugations needed to be done in one grammar mashup.  My brain exploded.  It crawled off into a corner to accept this miserable turn of events that I might have to do multiple verb conjugations within one sentence.

Isn’t it hard enough to get one verb conjugation correct?

I can’t remember quite what it was that teacher was trying to get me to learn.  Something like combining the grammar for becoming with the grammar for want to all related to eating somehow.  Who knows?  My brain shut down.  I need time to accept multiple verb conjugations and combination of grammar structures.


KDA Class 18  “ㅣ”   –   vowel contraction [ㅣ ㅓ -> ㅕ]

Verb English Present Past Future
 치다  to play  쳐요  쳤어요 칠 거예요
 마시다  to drink  마셔요  마셨어요  마실 거예요
그리다  to draw  그려요  그렸어요  그릴 거예요
가르치다  to teach  가르쳐요  가르쳤어요  가르칠 거예요
읽다 / 보다  to read  읽어요  읽었어요 읽을 거예요
기다리다  to wait  기다려요  기다렸어요  기다릴 거예요
하고 싶다  to want to do  하고 싶다  하고 싶었어요  하고 싶을 거예요
보이다  to be able to see  보여요  보였어요  보일 거예요
들리다  to be able to hear  들려요  들렸어요  들릴 거예요
졸리다  to be sleepy  졸려요  졸렸어요  졸릴 거예요
시끄러워  to be noisy  시끄러워요  시끄러웠어요  시끄러월 거예요
시원하다  to be cool  시원해요  시원했어요  시원할 거예요
더럽다 *  to be dirty  더러워요  더러웠어요  더러울 거예요
싫다  to be not liked  싫어요  싫었어요  싫을 거예요
있다  to exist  있어요 있었어요  있을 거예요

* ㅂ 불규칙 동사 (irregular verb)

Present tense example: 기다리다 –  S + ㅓ  + 요

  1. vowel contraction [ㅣ ㅓ -> ㅕ] (기다리 + 어 -> 기다려)
  2. join (기다려 + 요 -> 기다려요)


Past tense example: 기다리다 –  S + ㅓ + 었어 + 요

  1. vowel contraction [ㅣ ㅓ -> ㅕ] (기다리 + 어 -> 기다려)
  2. vowel contraction + 었-> 기다렸
  3.  join + 어 -> 기다렸어
  4.  join + 요 -> 기다렸어요

Future tense example:  기다리다 –  S +을+ 거예요

  1. borrow padchim (기다리 + 을 -> 기다릴)
  2. join (기다릴 + 거예요 -> 기다릴 거예요)



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