Korean Digital Academy Class Notes

Level 2

Class 13 –  하다 verbs
Class 14 – ㅗ verbs, ~게 adverbs, ~랑 with
Class 15 – 아 verbs, ~고 and, ~서 because, ~러 purpose, ~한테 to,  ~고 and
Class 16 – ㅜ verbs,  ~ㄹ때 when, negative statements 못 , 안, 싫어,  “I”  저, 제가, 나, 내가
Class 17 – ㅓ & ㅡ verbs, future tense 할 거예요,  to have to ~하야 돼요 , to have done ~해 봤어요, 더 ‘more’ 다 ‘all’
Class 18 – ㅣ verbs, ~고 싶다 want to,  ~하지다 to become, 쳐봐요(try to~)
Class 19 – 주세요 give me, 드릴까요?  how about  ~하는 게 어떨까, ~ㄹ게 will/shall
Class 20 – shall we?
Class 21 –  Living in Korea  한국에서 산게, want to 고 싶어,  (adj. clause)는 noun, (adverb clause)는게, negation ~지 않다, What do you prefer, A or B?
Class 22 – Asking/Giving permission “have to” 해야 돼요, “may i” 해도 돼요, “by when”
Class 23 – Duration ㄴ + 지 (time) 되다
Class 24 – Repeating statements 한다고 and questions 하냐고

These are my personal notes taken as I learned the subjects presented in Korean Digital Academy class.  Any mistakes are my bad.

No copyright infringement is intended on the KDA course materials, and KDA retains all rights.  Fellow KDA students are welcome to look at my notes.  Suggestions and corrections happily accepted.

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