FLYLady calls her “To do” list “Parade of Daily Adventures”.  I have simply referred to it as “THE LIST”.  It has remained as this incredibly long list of things I want to get to.  However, I keep forgetting.  My brain can’t hold all the things on the list.  Hence, I decided to create a place where I could store those things I want to do.


Important and urgent

KDA class
Memrise 1000 Most Frequent Korean words
Real life (health insurance, taxes, bills, dr appts, car repair, groceries, etc.)

Important and not urgent

Create a Korean dictionary
Living Languages Korean
Make flashcards
Active Korean
Fast & Fun Korean
2000 Essentials Words Korean
Oxford Picture Dictionary Korean
Fluent in 3 Months
Korean Grammar in Use


Unimportant and urgent

Not urgent (but fun!)

Mango software
Busy Atom lessons
Talk to me in Korean grammar
Create Korean games & play activities
Write pen pals
Chat with Koreans
Korea Unmasked
NTC Dictionary of Korean Business & Cultural Words
A Rat’s Tail
Grammar research
Korean poetry
All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
Learn Any Language
Fluent Forever
Children’s language workbooks
Handwriting practice
Korean in Action
Korean Drama Phrases
KPOP to KTalk
Teach Me Korean children’s songs
FT Island Live Hangul lessons
Easy To Learn Infographics
Do some “Not Learning” activity
Take photographs, make videos, to share
Go on a language outing, field trip

Not urgent (but useful)

Learn how to use WordPress
Learn HTML5, CSS, graphic design, other tech skills
Read a book or e-book
Learn how to use your smartphone, tablet, kindle more effectively



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