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How are you?

Korean Digital Academy (KDA) class begins with small talk.  It is the part I dread the most. I am terrible at answering questions off the cuff.  Even though I know I am going to be asked what I had for … Continue reading

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Korean Provinces

Part of learning Korean language includes learning the names of places and the geography. Some day, I would love to figure out what Korean dramas filmed in which areas.  I do know some of the places simply because that’s where … Continue reading

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Be a Multilingual – BAM Korean

Peter Floyd from KDA shared a Hangul-stroke-order-handwriting-fonts PDF to help me with learning handwriting in Korean. This led me to the creators of this document.  Be a Multilingual … BAM Korean.

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Agricultural Fair

Adams Agricultural Fair in Berkshire county, Massachusetts, USA.

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Where ever you are right now is OK

There is a spectrum of people learning languages.  Some haven’t started yet, but are curious and starting to notice words in songs or dramas.  Others are novices who dabble a bit.  Further along, people can be classified as beginners, intermediate, … Continue reading

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A metaphor is an imaginative way of describing something by referring to something else which is the same in a particular way. A KDA classmate passed on this site about Korean metaphors 은유법 in Hip Hop songs.

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Classroom game: Who am I?

Tonight I asked my Korean mentor “Tell me something about yourself that I don’t know.”  It sparked an interesting discussion. In classrooms, teachers use games as icebreakers.  I wish that I could play a game of “Who Am I?” with … Continue reading

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The first Korean homonym I learned was 사과 (apple, apology) from “Boys Over Flowers”. Homonym is 동음 이의어. I was thinking today about different ways to group the words I have learned in Korean. How many words sound the same but … Continue reading

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Asking three questions in a row

I believe in catching someone doing something right.  🙂  I try to notice my progress, even in small ways. Tonight, in a Skype conversation with my Korean mentor, I asked three questions in a row. Tell me a little about … Continue reading

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Still babbling and having fun

Spoke tonight with a Korean who encouraged me to babble.  Back on March 10th when we talked, I was just learning how to open my mouth.  I literally hadn’t spoken more than 10 words of Korean up until that point, and trying to … Continue reading

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Handwriting & Glossika Day 5

Can you write Korean by hand?  Below is me writing out the 10 sentences for Day 5 of Glossika Mass Sentences.  Clearly, the answer for me is no, I can’t.  Haha.  I laugh at myself every day.   I am … Continue reading

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I am not alone

Sometimes it can feel like you are alone as a Korean learner if you don’t have many Korean speakers around where you live.  So to combat that, why not participate with other Korean learners?  One way you can do that … Continue reading

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No more new input!

I’ve been on a data binge.  Like Johnny 5 from the movie “Short Circuit”, I was furiously gathering new input.  Then I woke up Sunday and suddenly, I had the Hangul Headache and couldn’t focus to add even one more … Continue reading

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Young on adventure in Korea

Scott Young embarked on an adventure.  Learn 4 languages in a year. Currently, he is learning Korean by living there three months.  Scott Young has already reached his halfway point.

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The battle is on

I often say things like I am trying to cram new words into my head or the words won’t stick. Why such violence?  Why such a battle? Can’t I invite words, make a home for them, speak gently and make … Continue reading

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