My Bookshelf

My Bookshelf

I have had a lifetime love affair with books 책.

Here, I will share some of the books I have that I am reading to learn about Korea, the Korean language, and Korean dramas.


My first Korean book:  Read and Speak Korean for Beginners – The easiest way to learn to communicate right away – includes 60 minute CD for correct pronunciation.  (Well worn, with game cards that could be cut out and played with, refuses to stay flat any more, coffee rings, hand-written notes inside.  Still, I will often want to say something and I know JUST where to look for the phrase in this book.)  Big thumbs up recommendation for anyone who wants a fun way to start learning Korean.

Here is a post that discusses some of my books and I’m still not learning, so it must be time to buy another book

I also have DVD’s for Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자, Secret Garden 시크릿 가든, and You’re Beautiful 미남이시네요.


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